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Do you have an idea ready for design?

A design that needs testing for further development. Perhaps it is simply a part with limited demand.

We can help!

Whatever your needs are Product Design, Models & Prototypes, Short run Molding and Metal stamping, these are the services we make available to you. 

Our Mission

We at Euro-Tech Mfg. have made it our goal to help you with the seemingly "small jobs".  In the years that we have been working with you our customers, we have noticed a trend in the industry.  Bigger is better.

Many times suppliers require large minimum orders, in order to make the job "cost effective".  This makes it truly impossible for you to develop the parts you need.  We feel that there is no job to small.  If you need one or one thousand pieces for testing and evaluation, we can help.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.